17 июля 2020

Доступен Patch 2 для RAD Studio 10.4

    Компания Embarcadero выпустила 2-е обновление для RAD Studio, Delphi и C++Builder 10.4 Sydney. Этот патч устраняет большое количество проблем, которые касаются компилятора Delphi, IDE RAD Studio, нового Code Insight на базе LSP, C++Builder для Android и отладчика. Патч довольно большой (почти 190 МБ) и устраняет более 50 багов с Embarcadero Quality Portal.
    Список баг-репортов исправленных в RAD Studio 10.4 Patch 2:
  • RSP-29628. VCL Grids bug
  • RSP-29560. [REGRESSION] Misalignment in TStringGrid, StretchDraw method in OnDrawCell
  • RSP-29412. Compiler generates incorrect code for if-then
  • RSP-29402. Delphi 10.4 TStringGrid.OnDrawCell bug
  • RSP-29374. Wrong rect coords in TStringGridDrawCell, so image are drawn at wrong position
  • RSP-29347. [DelphiLSP] IDE Crashes when view form as text is selected and running LSP server
  • RSP-29310. Internal error L891 when linking because of complex types based on records with class var
  • RSP-29299. CODEGEN bug in managed fields initialization, associated with new management operators
  • RSP-29271. [DelphiLSP] Code Insight adds unneeded () when changing procedures/functions
  • RSP-29256. Compiler generates wrong code for template function
  • RSP-29227. Incorrect property value obtained from the record
  • RSP-29226. Access violation with working code under 10.2
  • RSP-29218. compiling static library under Android error E4620 processing resource .fmx -2 raised
  • RSP-29172. Access Violation when opening License Manager
  • RSP-29142. GoTo statements not working
  • RSP-29136. Dialog constantly pops up during debugging
  • RSP-29129. iOS App simply crashes with a TWebBrowser on it.
  • RSP-29127. Compiler internal error if you ignore the result of a function that returns a generic record
  • RSP-29124. ICE E1812
  • RSP-28989. License Manager has access violation error when i click on Workstation Licenses
  • RSP-28887. Space does not finish code completion
  • RSP-28857. Default(T) generates bad code for managed record
  • RSP-28821. [Regression] TStringGrid.OnDrawCell parameter Rect contains wrong values
  • RSP-28808. Project options dialog page "Delphi Compiler" is not populated when opening the dialog
  • RSP-28796. RVO for M-records: initialisation of local variables
  • RSP-28761. [REGRESSION] E2154 Type 'T' needs finalization - not allowed in variant record
  • RSP-28737. Compiler error when inlining new Bit Counting Standard Functions
  • RSP-28735. Managed Records Causing Internal Compiler Error
  • RSP-28717. Delphi Package fails to compile
  • RSP-28701. Bind visually on TDBGRID kills the IDE
  • RSP-28669. [BadCG] Value M-record parameters: improper AddRefRecord
  • RSP-28659. RVO for M-records: assignment to local variables
  • RSP-28616. [BadCG] Operator Assign should not allow non-default calling conventions
  • RSP-28615. [BadCG] In the absence of Initialize, finalisation is not guaranteed for local variables
  • RSP-28552. Poor code generation for local managed record variables
  • RSP-28499. Options - Translation tools - Font - Corrupted?
  • RSP-28476. LSP ErrorInsight in Structure Pane only shows one keystroke after editor
  • RSP-28400. [BadCG] Operator Assign is not always invoked for fields
  • RSP-28372. [Regression] Bad codegen in function returning generic type
  • RSP-27268. C++ Builder 10.3.3 Android Exceptions
  • RSP-27251. Internal error when trying to inline with optimization on
  • RSP-24079. Package version is broken
  • RSP-23403. Build for linux 64 error
  • RSP-23024. Record helper class constructor gives senseless compiler warning
  • RSP-22318. Pointer type check missed when object field is a dynarray
  • RSP-21554. Compiler generates incorrect code for parameterized record type
  • RSP-21248. Const dynamic array unexpectedly contains uninitialized data
  • RSP-20372. A generic "reference to function" will only match the first of several overloaded functions
  • RSP-19714. Win32 compiler - Memory corruption with array helpers
  • RSP-18241. *.c source files, added to C++ project, got added to DeploymentManager file list
  • RSP-18148. AV in TList.Remove (64-bit compiler only)
RAD Studio 10.4 Patch 2 доступен для загрузки через GetIt и CodeCentral в трех вариантах: для Delphi and RAD Studio Enterprise, для C++Builder Enterprise и для RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder Professional. Это обновление не кумулятивное, поэтому устанавливается после установки Patch 1.

Подробнее о RAD Studio 10.4 Patch 2 и его установке от Марко Канту

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