16 ноября 2021

DelphiCon 2021

    Сегодня, 16 ноября 2021 года, стартует DelphiCon 2021 - официальная бесплатная онлайн-конференция посвященная Embarcadero Delphi.
DelphiCon 2021
Доклады конференции (время: UTC+3):
  • 16 ноября
    • 17:30. "Welcome to DelphiCon 2021" Jim McKeeth (Developer Relations, Embarcadero);
    • 18:00. "Keynote - Beyond 10x - The Future of Development with Delphi" Marco Cantù (IDEs and Tools Product Lead, Embarcadero Technologies);
    • 19:00. "Convert your VCL Database Application to Mobile and Multiplatform" Miguel Angel Moreno (IoT Designer and Software Developer);
    • 20:00. "Entity Component Systems: A Different Approach to Coding" Erik van Bilsen (Senior Software Engineer, Grijjy);
    • 21:00. "How Tab Controls Can Ruin Desktop UX" Ray Konopka (Raize Software, Raize Software, Inc.);
    • 22:00. "Creating Custom Title Bars in VCL Apps" Ray Konopka (Raize Software, Raize Software, Inc.);
    • 23:00. "Thriller: A Delphi Web App in 5 Work Days" Bruno Fierens (CEO, TMS Software);
  • 17 ноября
    • 00:00. "Move Your UI to the 23rd Century - Building a Data Dashboard with Delphi and Skia. Engage!." Ian Barker (Embarcadero Delphi MVP);
    • 01:00. "Why Does the Cloud Matter for a Delphi Developer?" Dion Carlos Mai (Development Manager, Aquasoft);
    • 02:00. "Maximise Your Delphi Productivity" Alister Christie (LearnDelphi.tv);
    • 18:00. "Multi-Threaded Programming on Apple's Mac M1 vs Mac Core i7 vs Windows Core i7" Olaf Monien (CEO, Developer Experts);
    • 19:00. "Developing Applications for the Raspberry Pi with Delphi 11" Dr. Holger Flick (FlixEngineering LLC);
    • 20:00. "Castle Game Engine - Coming to Delphi!" Michalis Kamburelis (Castle Game Engine);
    • 21:00. "Delphi Does Low-Code: Cross-Platform REST Client in < 30 Minutes!" David Cornelius (Software Engineer, Cornelius Concepts, LLC);
    • 22:00. "Smartwatch Android Meets Delphi - Controlling Devices" Sileide Campos (TMR), Victory Fernandes (TKS Software);
    • 23:00. "Multi-Platform Explorations using Delphi, FMX, Feeds, REST and More" David Intersimone (Software Engineer, Ashland Software);
  • 18 ноября
    • 00:00. "Control Arduino Manipulator with Delphi and Visuino over WiFi or Bluetooth" Boian Mitov (Mitov Software LLC, Mitov Software LLC);
    • 01:00. "Leaving Delphi 7 - A Success Migration Case" y Dion Carlos Mai (Aquasoft), Rafael Pereira (Stone CO);
    • 18:00. "Using C++Builder to Extend the Reach of Delphi" David Millington (Senior Product Manager, Embarcadero Technologies);
    • 19:00. "Invoice Generation via Telegram Bot Using FastReport VCL and Delphi" Alexander Syrykh (Software Developer, Fast Reports Inc);
    • 20:00. "FireDAC: Combining Power and Speed in Cross Platform Database Access (Live Panel)" Cary 𝔍ensen (Jensen Data Systems), Jens Fudge (Archersoft Aps), Olaf Monien (Developer Experts);
    • 21:00. "Fintech on the Ethereum Blockchain with Delphi" Jim McKeeth (Embarcadero) and Stefan van As (Embarcadero MVP);
    • 22:00. "Delphi Best Practices: The Top Seven Things you Should be Doing" Nick Hodges (Software Development Manager, Gateway Ticketing Systems);
    • 23:00. "Building a Web Crawler with Delphi and Python" Maico Dal Ri, Dion Carlos Mai (Aquasoft);
  • 19 ноября
    • 00:00. "APILayer: Features and Connecting with REST" Victory Fernandes (MSC Engineer, TKS Software);
    • 01:00. "Things That You Don’t Know About JSON in Delphi" Dion Carlos Mai, Gustavo Mena Barreto (Aquasoft);
  • On-Demand
    • "Create Windows Installers in RAD Studio 11 Alexandria" Tomas Slapka (CTO, unSigned);
    • "Tackling Localization with TsiLang Components Suite" Gleb Sitikov (SiComponents);
    • "Using Delphi as a No Code Development IDE" Patrick Prémartin (Embarcadero MVP, Serial Streameur);
    • "Using FireMonkey as a Game Engine [On-Demand]" Patrick Prémartin (Embarcadero MVP, Serial Streameur);
    • "Designing Applications with Windows 11" Ziad Allaghi (Alawathqai Center);
    • "The SOLID Principles in Delphi - Write Better Code!" Marco Geuze (GDK Software);
    • "Catch Leaks in Delphi and C++ Builder" Artem Razin (Founder and CEO, Softanics);
    • "Beautifying IntraWeb apps with Bootstrap" Jackson Gomes (Atozed Software);
    • "Delphi Modernization Made Easy!" Oren Aviram (Delphi Modernization Expert, The Delphi Parser).

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